The most interesting countries to visit in the world

Traveling is so much fun. Different countries are offering different things. Some are really interesting countries, some have great food, while others have a huge difference in culture. Choosing which country, you are going to visit is quite hard. This is because with so many different countries, which ones do you go first to?

My friend at Atlanta Dumpsters was telling me that these are the three most interesting countries to visit in the world. Making sure that you are going to know why these are the top three countries that you need to visit. 


Italy is for sure one of the most interesting countries to visit in the world. This is because of different reasons. One of the reasons is the different food that they are offering. 

Italy is especially famous for its pizza, pasta, cheese, and chocolate. They are producing olives and making the best tasting olive oil. There are so many different attractions that you can visit and cultural sites that will teach you more about the history of Italy. The different regions offer different cultures, different scenery, and different food options. Making this for sure the most interesting country in the world. 


India might not be the safest country to visit, but it is for sure a very interesting country. They have a culture that is completely different from our culture. Especially, when it comes to the women in India. It is interesting to see and experience this country first-hand. 

Their food can be a challenge, the reason why this is an interesting country. They are eating strange foods and spicy foods. Not for the faint-hearted. But, their attractions are interesting and unique. It will be hard to know what attractions you can visit, and which ones you should leave for the next visit. 

South Africa

South Africa. Known for their diverse culture, their different food, languages and believes. However, the nature scenes are breath taking and will let you coming back for more. 

There is different type of food that they are servicing. So, you can choose to be safe and eat familiar food, or you can be daring and enjoy strange food, like mopani worms. A great country that tourists must visit before they even consider visiting other countries.

These are the three most interesting countries in the world. Each unique in their own way. Lots of interesting and unique attractions, great weather and cultures that you can learn from. These are really countries that you should consider visiting at least once. You will see then, why these countries are so popular among tourists. 

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