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Drum Cafe Florida's interactive drumming is a powerful way to make any event unforgettable! Our world-class program, in which everyone gets a drum, builds teams, unites companies, and motivates staff. Drum Cafe's success is proven in over 20 countries and 20,000 events. Discover how we can add WOW to your next event...more

Call: +1 (888) 310 3786 or
e-mail: southeast@drumcafe.us


Team Building

Unite your company and motivate staff with our world-class team building program: connecting, communicating & listening. via interactive drumming .


A breakthrough way to open or close conferences, and to revitalise delegates between presentations or speeces. A great option as a keynote address.


Other Events

Product launches, fundraisers, awards, shows, dinners, Christmas parties & road shows, DC provides a unique, fun way to bring people together


Wake up entertainment! Our original performance groups includes some of the world's top African and contemporary drummers, dancers & performers.

Drum Cafe and Umoja wow at Miss World Contest–12 Dec 2009
AR Rahman, Oscar winner (Slum Dog Millionaire) creates single with Drum Cafe

Beijing Olympics-Drum Cafe drummers open games, welcomes 200 countries, plays to 1 billion TV audience

Drum Cafe performs for Nelson Mandela, Elton John, Lewis Hamilton, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Will Smith
New York: Sprint & Nextel $36B merger - Drum Cafe
Unilever Unites team: "Our most Memorable event ever!"
UERO 2008-Drum Cafe works with German soccer team
Dell: "Drum Cafe inspired our management team!
Drumstruck Tour: Off-Broadway to tour Japan, China
Hewlett-Packard: "Really blown away by the experience!"
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US, Europe, Africa, Asia - Drum Cafe is everywhere

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